All prices are subject to change at any time and all shipments will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of shipment.  Prices are for products distributed by Ace Irrigation's standard design and materials, and there will be no deduction for the omission of any feature.  Any request for variations in material or design must be referred to Ace Irrigation for special pricing.

Cash on delivery, unless otherwise determined at time order is placed.  Cash Discounts apply only if payment is mailed within 15 days from invoice date and account is current balance status.  Net 30 days.  There will be a 1 ˝ % per month service charge on all accounts over 30 days past due.

Any Warranty made by Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing Co., is in respect to any product Ace is to replace, F.O.B., Ace Irrigation, Kearney, Nebraska.  Such parts as approved, in the hands of the original purchaser and has been properly used for the purpose sold, provided that Ace Irrigation has been notified immediately upon the discovery of any claimed defect, and that the defective part shall be returned, freight prepaid, to Ace Irrigation at said company's request.  Ace Irrigation shall not be subject to any other or further liability; no claims for labor or for consequential damages will be allowed; and the buyer shall indemnify and protect Ace Irrigation against loss or damage (other than the cost of replacement or repair as aforesaid), re-operation or repair on any product or part.  Ace Irrigation does not accept responsibility for the effect of corrosion, erosion, electrolysis or graphitization upon any product or part.  Items not manufactured by Ace, may have warranty of the original manufacturer, and Ace Irrigation assumes no additional warranty written or implied.  No warranty of any type will be extended to pipe which has been subject to suction pressures.

The Dealer / Customer named on the invoice for the purchase shall be responsible for the amount of any sales, use, occupation, excise or similar taxes arising out of the sale.  Such tax amounts appearing on invoices from Ace Irrigation shall remain until said dealer / customer provides Ace Irrigation with a tax exemption certificate (Form 13 - Nebraska or Multi-Jurisdictional - out of state), provided that the appropriate form is received by Ace Irrigation within the allowed time for said tax charges to be removed from purchase. 

No equipment / items shall be returned without written authorization and shipping instructions first having been obtained from Ace Irrigation.  Said product must be returned freight prepaid, and will be subjected to 15% restocking charge.  The return ticket must show the invoice number and date on which each item was purchased, a copy of the original invoice is preferred.  Items of special manufacture are not returnable.

Fittings of special shapes and sizes can be manufactured to customer's specifications by contacting our sales department for price and delivery information.  Special order items may only be canceled prior to the start of production.   We reserve the right to refuse return of special order items.

Cancellation by the dealer/ customer upon written notice to Ace Irrigation & Manufacturing Co. and upon payment to Ace Irrigation of all costs, arising out of, or in connection with the order.

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