Ace Irrigation and Mfg. Co. produces quality products for water control. With over 68 years of experience serving agricultural customers, the company offers a wide variety of irrigation parts. In 1981, Ace purchased the corrugated metal pipe division of Eaton Metals of Omaha and moved it to Kearney, Nebraska. The company has since served various municipalities and public service organizations, providing corrugated metal pipe from 6 inches to 12 feet in diameter for use in water management projects.


Metal Pipe

Water management projects require corrugated metal pipe that will stand the test of time.  Ace has nearly 40 years of experience making pipe products.  The company has produced corrugated metal pipe for Departments of Transportation, County Road Departments, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Game and Parks Commissions, United States Army Corps of Engineers and others.  Ace’s record largest corrugated metal pipe stands at 80 feet long and 12 feet in diameter.

Agricultural & Industrial

Irrigation Components & Fittings

Ace understands its agricultural customers need quality irrigation parts and fittings quickly.  Skilled manufacturing employees ensure each part is created as intended.  For years, Ace has produced aluminum pipes for aluminum irrigation systems.  Ace serves customers throughout the United States as most irrigation parts are shipped within two days.  “We always put the customer first and get parts to them when they are needed.  We thrive on one-to-one interaction as a small, family-owned business,” Sales Representative Cody Vrbka said.

Expertise and Know-How

Additional Products & Services

Powder Coating
Offering powder coating, a
colorful, durable coating for
tire rims, outdoor furniture
and more!

Other Ace products
• Silt fence
• Straw blankets
• Straw wattles
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